Rideau Heights and Kingscourt

Interim Library Service in Kingscourt and Rideau Heights

Planning is underway for a pop-up library service for the Kingscourt and Rideau Heights neighbourhood for the period between the closure of the Kingscourt Branch and the opening of the library located in the Rideau Heights Community Centre. The pop-up library will set up in regular locations in north Kingston and offer such services as reservations pick-up, Internet access and will house a small collection of materials. We have sought feedback on locations, services and hours for the pop-up library service.

We held two public drop-in sessions at the Kingscourt Branch on March 2nd and 4th to gather feedback. An online and paper survey was also conducted. A summary of the survey results is now available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would pop-up library service work?

Library service will be provided within community spaces at scheduled times. Library staff will transport a small collection, reserved materials, and technology between sites in a mini-van or SUV. This ‘pop up library’ would be unloaded and set up, then opened to the public for service. We expect most locations to be indoors, but outdoor locations may be possible during the warmer months. At the end of each day’s open hours, the pop-up library would be loaded into the vehicle for transport to the next location.

The capital budget for 2017 includes $30,000 for the purchase of a vehicle, and another $30,000 for the purchase of equipment and technology for the service such as a mobile hot-spot, laptops, tables and chairs. These assets will be reallocated to community outreach activities when the Rideau Heights Branch opens.

Why isn’t a storefront branch like Wellington an option?

Library staff explored this option. In addition to the cost of rent, further expense would be required to retrofit the space. Interim library service in north Kingston is expected to be needed for no more than six months, so investment in retail space would not be cost-effective.

 What will the hours of service be?

Pop-up library service will be offered using the 35 staff hours currently allocated to the Kingscourt Branch. Staff time will be used for direct public service, as well as for travel between locations and setup/takedown at each service point. 

Library staff are working with community partners to set up a schedule. Open hours and locations will depend on the availability of space in the community.

 Why are you closing Kingscourt and Central at the same time?

When the projects were set in motion, the Rideau Heights Branch was expected to be complete before renovations at the Central Branch began. The Rideau Heights Community Centre project was delayed, and the Limestone District School Board has graciously extended our use of the Kingscourt Branch for close to a year to minimize the impact.

Kingscourt Branch

The City of Kingston has come to an agreement with the Limestone District School Board regarding the sale of the Kingscourt Branch property. The building will be demolished, and the site will be used for the sports fields for the new intermediate/secondary school. The branch will close in the late spring of 2017. The exact closing date will be announced before the end of March and the library is exploring options for providing library service to Kingscourt residents until the construction in Rideau Heights is complete.

The Library will have a presence in the new school built on the QECVI/library site. The Limestone District School Board (LDSB) is providing the Library with enough space to house two kiosks or vending machines where they can be easily accessed by the public. The Library will also be able to utilize the community space in the school to offer programming.

For more information about this partnership between the City of Kingston, the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and the LDSB, download the Report 016-047 to Kingston City Council January 2016 (pdf).

Rideau Heights Community Centre and Library

Construction for the community centre and library branch in Rideau Heights has begun and the facility is expected to open in late 2017. 

We have included links to the following background information:

We welcome your comments and suggestions by contacting us at rideauheights@kfpl.ca or by mail at Library in Rideau Heights, 130 Johnson St, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 1X8.