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As of June 17, 2020, KFPL has moved from OverDrive/Libby as our eBook and eAudiobook provider to cloudLibrary, which offers over 100,000 titles shared across 31 public libraries in Ontario. To continue to read or listen to digital content, you’ll need to sign up with cloudLibrary.

Accessing cloudLibrary

Anyone with a valid KFPL membership can access the cloudLibrary collection.

You can start browsing the collection via the web on KFPL’s cloudLibrary page. You can also download the cloudLibrary app to your desktop or mobile device.

Once you’re ready to check out an ebook or audiobook, you can sign in with your library card number and PIN.

Videos Tutorials

To help you set up cloudLibrary, we've created several video tutorials on the KFPL YouTube channel introducing you to some of its key features.

For more information on cloudLibrary please check out the cloudLibrary website. For troubleshooting tips and user guides, please check out their support page.

We're here to help! You're always welcome to call or visit a branch or send us a comment or question.

Device Support

What devices does cloudLibrary support?

cloudLibrary supports many devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and eReaders. You'll find the full list of supported devices on the cloudLibrary website.

Does cloudLibrary support eReaders?

Yes, cloudLibrary does support many eReader products (including the Kobo eReaders, like the Aura and Clara). However, it does not feature an integrated application like OverDrive/Libby.

With cloudLibrary, eBooks (epub, pdf) can be transferred over to most eReaders using the Adobe Digital Edition.

For more information on how to download and transfer eBooks to your Kobo or other eReader, please consult the cloudLibrary E-Ink Guide on the cloudLibrary website.

Can I transfer audiobooks to my mp3 player?

Unfortunately, because audiobooks are streamed and require a constant internet connection, they cannot be transferred onto mp3 players. However, if you have a smartphone or other mobile device, the cloudLibrary app is able to download audiobook files for offline listening.

How can I limit the cloudLibrary app to use wifi only?

In the cloudLibrary mobile app, you can double check cellular usage settings in Account > Cellular Data Usage.

Depending on what device you have, you may be able to go into your device settings and turn off data for the cloudLibrary app. This will help prevent accidental data usage. You will still need an internet connection to browse, checkout, and download content.

We have free wifi available at all of our branches.

Loan Periods and Shelf Management

What are the loan periods for cloudLibrary?

With cloudLibrary, you will have 14 days for both eBooks and audiobooks. Items will return on their own and will not accrue overdue fines.

How many items can I check out at one time?

You will be able to have 10 loans and 10 holds at one time, and you will have the ability to return items early.

Can I renew items?

If there are no other holds on the item, you'll be able to renew it. You'll only see this option approximately 3 days before the item is due.

Does cloudLibrary have automatic checkouts?

Unfortunately, cloudLibrary does not have an automatic checkout feature. You will have 3 days to go into the website or app to retrieve an item that is ready for you.

Will I get an email when an item is ready for me?

If you have the email notification setting enabled, you will receive an email when an item is ready for you to download.

You can view and modify your email address and notification preference by signing into your account on KFPL's cloudLibrary website and clicking on Settings.

If you use the cloudLibrary mobile app, you can view your email and notification settings by going into the Account tab, then into Notifications.


Virtual Library Card

The cloudLibrary mobile app has a virtual version of your library card that you can use to check out physical material in a branch. Note that most of our handheld scanners will not scan it, but our self-checkout machines should be able to scan the virtual card (you may need to turn the brightness up and lock your device’s rotation first).

The virtual card will also display your 14 digit library card number. You can use this to manually type out your barcode when checking out material.

Flagging or Saving Books for Later

The Wish List feature in the cloudLibrary app is called “Saved”. When you click on a book title, click the “Save for later” or flag icon button to add the title to your list.

Sync Between Devices

cloudLibrary will sync between your devices and remember where you left off.


Watch our YouTube video to help with your search of our cloudLibrary collection for ebooks and audiobooks.

Suggesting a Title

Still can’t find the title you are looking for? You can always suggest the title for us to purchase.

If you’re using the cloudLibrary desktop app:

  1. Look for “Filters” in the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Select “Suggestions for Library”. Click “Save” or  “Apply”.
  3. In the Search bar at the top right of your screen, type in your title or author and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  4. When you find your title click the “Suggest to Library” button.
  5. A new window will appear, click on the “Suggest to Library” button.

If you’re using the mobile app:

  1. Click on “Search” at the bottom of the page.
  2. At the top right, click the filter icon. It looks like a downward funnel.
  3. Click on “Suggestions for Library”. Click “Save” or “Apply”.
  4. In the Search bar at the top right of your screen, type in your title or author and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  5. When you find your title click the “Suggest” button.

Be sure to go back to the Filters and remove the option “Suggestions for Library” so that you will be ready to search for titles to borrow or place on hold.

You can also check out our how-to video: