cloudLibrary FAQs

UPDATED April 6, 2020

To better serve our patrons who are self-isolating, we have moved up our soft launch of cloudLibrary. It is now available to any KFPL cardholder. At this time patrons can use both cloudLibrary and Overdrive to access e-books and e-audiobooks.

We are in the early stages of implementation and the collection is limited, but we hope you will find something you’d like to read. We do not yet have access to the cloudLink consortium, and most of our digital collection is still on Overdrive/Libby. 

We will do our best to support your use of CloudLibrary at this time.

To access KFPL’s cloudLibrary page:

You can also download the cloudLibrary computer app (Mac/Windows) or the cloudLibrary mobile app (smartphones and tablets). You’ll be able to sign in right away with your library card and PIN!

For more information on cloudLibrary please check out the cloudLibrary website: For troubleshooting tips and user guides, please check out their support page:


Why are you switching to cloudLibrary?
The biggest factor in our decision to switch to cloudLibrary is the ability to join the cloudLink consortium: a way for public libraries to pool together and share their digital collections. 

When we join the cloudLink group, you will gain access to over 100,000 titles from the shared collection (our current digital collection in OverDrive has about 10,000 titles). 

It’s an exciting way for public libraries to connect and work together to create a larger, more diverse collection for all of our patrons.

Will any of my information carry over to cloudLibrary?
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to import your existing OverDrive loans, holds, history, tags, suggestions, or any other information from OverDrive/Libby, into cloudLibrary. 

What devices does cloudLibrary support?
cloudLibrary supports many devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and eReaders. You'll find the full list of supported devices on the cloudLibrary website.

I own a new Kobo eReader with OverDrive as a built-in feature. Can I get cloudLibrary built in for my Kobo eReader?
No. cloudLibrary integration is not available for Kobo eReader products (both Kobo and OverDrive are owned by Rakuten, Inc.).

However, cloudLibrary eBooks (epub, pdf) can be transferred over to all Kobo®eReaders, including those with built-in OverDrive compatibility using the cloudLibrary desktop app (Windows OS/Mac OS).

Kobo eReaders with built-in OverDrive compatibility currently include the Aura ONE, Aura H2O Ed. 2, Aura Ed. 2, Clara HD, & Forma.

For more information on how to download and transfer eBooks to your Kobo®, please consult the 'Transferring to an eReader' section (p. 13) in the cloudLibrary PC/Mac App User Guide.

Will KFPL keep purchasing content?
Yes! We will continue to grow our digital collection by purchasing new and suggested items. 

You will be able to view the entire shared collection on KFPL's cloudLibrary website or in the cloudLibrary app. You will be able to view, borrow, and place holds on the content we have purchased, as well as view and borrow available items from other participating libraries. 

We will continue to purchase multiple copies of new and popular items and adjust our collection accordingly. 

Can I search on the KFPL website for cloudLibrary titles?
Only the digital content that we have purchased will be searchable on our website.

To view our content and all available content in the shared collection, please use KFPL's cloudLibrary website or the cloudLibrary app. We encourage you to keep checking back because the selection will fluctuate as items are returned from other libraries. 

What will the checkout times be?
With cloudLibrary, you will have 14 days for both eBooks and audiobooks. Items will return on their own and will not accrue overdue fines.

How many items can I check out at one time?
You will be able to have 10 loans and 10 holds at one time, and you will have the ability to return items early.

Can I renew items?
If there are no other holds on the item, you'll be able to renew it. You'll only see this option approximately 3 days before the item is due.

How can I transfer books onto my eReader?
cloudLibrary supports most Kobo and Nook eReaders. Supported devices can be found on the cloudLibrary website. Note that most Kindle eReaders are unsupported in Canada.

If your eReader is also an Android tablet (like some Nook devices and the newer Kindle Fire models), you can download the cloudLibrary app right on your device.

For all other eReaders, you will need to use a computer to transfer books. You’ll first need to download the cloudLibrary app onto your Windows or Mac computer. If you have a previous version of ADE installed, you will need to uninstall it first. Note that you should not need to download or use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) with the cloudLibrary computer app, but you can reinstall it if you need to use it for other software.

When you first launch the cloudLibrary app on your computer, follow the prompts to sign into the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. It may also ask you to authorize or activate your computer. If you’ve used Adobe Digital Editions in the past, enter in your existing Adobe ID details. You can also choose to let the app automatically generate an ID for you. If you choose the wrong option or would like to restart the setup, simply log out of the cloudLibrary app and log back in. If you did not see the computer activation prompt, check if you have Adobe Digital Editions installed - it may have pulled your existing information from there.

After the cloudLibrary app is setup on your computer, you’re ready to transfer eBooks onto your eReader! Plug your device into your computer and follow any additional prompts on your eReader. In the cloudLibrary app, go into the “My Books” section. Any books that can be transferred will have a green “Transfer to device” button. Be sure to eject your eReader before you unplug it from your computer!

Can I transfer audiobooks to my mp3 player?
Because audiobooks are streamed and require a constant internet connection, they cannot be transferred onto mp3 players.

However, the cloudLibrary mobile app is able to download audiobook files for offline listening. 

How can I limit the cloudLibrary app to use wifi only?
In the cloudLibrary mobile app, you can double check cellular usage settings in Account > Cellular Data Usage. 

Depending on what device you have, you may be able to go into your device settings and turn off data for the cloudLibrary app. This will help prevent accidental data usage. You will still need an internet connection to browse, checkout, and download content. We have free wifi available at all of our branches.

Does cloudLibrary have automatic checkouts?
Unfortunately, cloudLibrary does not have an automatic checkout feature. You will have 3 days to go into the website or app to retrieve an item that is ready for you.

Will I get an email when an item is ready for me?
If you have the email notification setting enabled, you will receive an email when an item is ready for you to download. 

You can view and modify your email address and notification preference by signing into your account on KFPL's cloudLibrary website and clicking on Settings. 

If you use the cloudLibrary mobile app, you can view your email and notification settings by going into the Account tab, then into Notifications. 

Can I use the app’s virtual library card? 
Yes! The cloudLibrary mobile app has a virtual version of your library card that you can use to check out physical material in a branch. Note that most of our handheld scanners will not scan it, but our self-checkout machines should be able to scan the virtual card (you may need to turn the brightness up and lock your device’s rotation first). 

The virtual card will also display your 14 digit library card number. You can use this to manually type out your barcode when checking out material.

I really enjoy the Wish List in OverDrive for saving titles that I want to read later. Can I do this in cloudLibrary?
Yes! The Wish List feature in the cloudLibrary app is called “Saved”. When you click on a book title, click the “Save for later” button to add the title to your list.  

If I read or listen between devices, will cloudLibrary know where I was last?
Yes! cloudLibrary will sync between your devices and remember where you left off.

Where can I get more help?
The cloudLibrary website has a lot of great information and many "how to" videos. 

We're here to help! You're always welcome to call or visit a branch or send us a comment or question. We also have Tech Tutors available (by appointment only) that can help get you started.