Safari Books Online

The Safari Books Online library is a digital collection with over 2,000 books and videos covering a variety of technological and professional development subjects. This resource is a great place to start if you want to learn more about computer programming and web development, or if you want to improve your resume or master Microsoft Word and Excel.

The collection covers three areas of interest:

  • Consumer Technology

    Explore Microsoft Office products, digital photography, social media, PC maintenance, the latest mobile gadgets and more.

  • Beginning Programming

    Find works covering Java, C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, Ruby, Web development, gaming and more.

  • Personal and Professional Development

    Delve into business skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, communications, finance, career development and more.

How It Works

You can access the Safari Books Online collection from any computer in the library or from home using your Library Card Number. You don't need a special application or account, just an Internet connection and a web browser.

Once you're in the collection, simply browse through the categories or search the site to find an item that interests you. When you've found the one you want, click on the title to see more details about the item, like an overview and a table of contents. 

If it's a book, simply click the "Start Reading" button to open the book in the browser and start reading; if it's a video, just click the play button on the video player.

At the moment, the reader is optimized for desktop monitors or tablet-sized devices. It might be difficult to read from the collection on small screens, like smartphones. 

Session Limits

KFPL is currently limited to 5 simultaneous sessions, which means that only 5 patrons can read or view a title from the collection at one time. If you see a "Session Unavailable" message, this means that the 5 total sessions are in use and you will have to wait until one is free. Try accessing the collection again in 15 or 20 minutes.

Signing Out

If you simply close your browser when you're done with the collection, sessions will time out after a short period. However, you can make sure that your session is freed up for the next patron right away by signing out of the collection. Just hover or tap on the "Kingston Frontenac Public Library" link in the top menu bar, then select "Sign Out & Clear Session". Doing this will make sure that a session is free for the next person.