KuliVersity: Kulintang Workshop with Pantayo

On Friday, November 16, Toronto's all-woman lo-fi R&B gong punk collective, Pantayo, will perform at Kingston's Tone Deaf Festival. On Saturday, November 17, Pantayo will present their kulintang workshop, KuliVersity. KuliVersity is an introduction to the history, contemporary practice, and performance of Kulintang. The band will describe their exposure to Kulintang teachings and how their experiences have informed how they play these instruments as Diasporic Filipinas. An overview of current Kulintang groups in the Diaspora and in the Philippines will also be discussed to highlight how the art form is constantly evolving regardless of geography. Participants will be divided among each Pantayo member/facilitator to focus on learning one instrument throughout the workshop. Following this, participants will play a piece based on the learnings from the day.

This event will be held in Room 120 at Harrison-Le Caine Hall, Queen's University, 39 Bader Lane.

Limited spaces. Registration is required for hands-on participation. There are additional limited spaces for those who would like attend, observe and listen, without participating in a hands on way. These spaces are available on a first come first served basis.

Graeme Langdon

(613) 549-8888 x3527