Hack Your Home Archive

Have you ever wanted to see what's on your family's old home movies? What if we said you could hack those movies and make new art with them? This workshop will give you the chance to develop new media skills while creating a work of art with your family's history!

"Hack Your Home Archive" is a FREE four-part workshop led by the Vulnerable Media Lab (VML) and Skeye Archives. Queen's Cultural Studies PhD students, Hiba Ali and Sylvia Nowak, will lead a series of hands-on workshops about artistic intervention into video archives. Teen participants will provide home movies (videos or super 8 film) for digitizing at the VML and hands-on video editing and manipulation workshops at the Queen's University DigiLab. When the projects are complete this series will conclude with a final screening event during the Juvenis Youth Arts Festival in early-May.

Open to 12-17 year olds.

This workshop includes three sessions followed by a screenings. Participants must commit to every date.

Graeme Langdon

613-549-8888 x.3527