StoryWalk in Downtown Kingston


October 1-31, 2020

Enjoy the picture book The Cow Who Climbed a Tree while strolling the streets of downtown Kingston. Find the pages of the story in the windows of partnering businesses, then finish your walk at the Central Branch to pick up your StoryWalk® button and choose books to take home and enjoy! 

Your adventure is spread over 18 city blocks, so bring water, snacks, and maybe a stroller or wagon for the littlest legs in your family.

StoryWalk® in Downtown Kingston Map

Click or tap on the image below to download the full map to your device. 

StoryWalk map

StoryWalk® Downtown Kingston Directions

Start in Springer Market Square. You will find the first StoryWalk marker in the garden overlooking the amphitheatre behind City Hall.

Walk down Market Street to Ontario Street. Turn left. Cross Brock Street and continue to page 2 at Waterfront Gifts and Apparel at 248 Ontario St.

Continue along Ontario Street, and turn left onto Princess Street. Look for page 3 at Fancy That/The Roundstone at 48 Princess Street.

Continue along Princess to King Street. Cross the street and turn left. Walk down King Street to Brock Street. Turn right onto Brock Street. Look for page 4 at General Brock's Commissary at 55 Brock Street.

Continue down the block to read page 5 at Cooke's Fine Foods at 61 Brock Street.

Walk to Wellington Street, and turn right. Walk up Wellington to find page 6 at Martello Alley at 203 B Wellington Street.

Walk to the traffic lights at Queen Street, turn left and cross to find page 7 at Thrive Chiropractic at 214 Wellington Street.

Continue walking along Wellington to Princess Street. Turn right. Walk to Verde Alternatives at 123 Princess Street to find page 8.

Continue along Princess to Montreal Street where you will find page 9 at The Rocking Horse at 193 Princess Street.

Cross Montreal Street and continue to find page 10 at Hip Kids at 233 Princess Street.

Walk to the lights at Clergy Street, then cross Princess Street and turn left to head back toward the waterfront.

Walk along Princess Street, and look for page 11 at Trailhead at 262 Princess Street.

Close nearby you will find page 12 at Midori at 244 Princess Street.

Continue down Princess Street to Bagot Street, stopping at Novel Idea at 156 Princess Street to read page 13.

Turn right onto Bagot Street, and walk to Kingston Gaming Nexus at 270 Bagot Street to find page 14.

Continue along Bagot Street to Johnson Street, cross at the lights to the Central Branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library at 130 Johnson Street.

Come inside to read the last page of the story, get your StoryWalk® buttons from our staff, and relax in our Children's area before choosing some books to take home!

Our Sponsors

StoryWalk® in Downtown Kingston is sponsored by the Friends of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, and is made possible by the support of our partners.


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