Our Mission, Vision and Values

The Library's Mission, Vision and Values were developed during the strategic planning process in 2013. In addition to these guiding statements, the Library Board has an Ends Statement that define what the Library is supposed to acheive, for whom and at what cost.  The Board revised their Ends Statement in 2021, and it can be found at the bottom of this page. The Library's will strategic plan, to be developed later this year will be based on the Ends Statements

Our Mission

Our primary purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone in Kingston Frontenac. We aim to achieve this purpose by helping residents transform today’s vast information resources into the solutions, facts, know-how, inspiration, and entertainment they need to learn, solve problems, read, engage with their community and reach their personal aspirations.

Our Vision

Below are seven items that make up our vision:

  • We will offer programs and services to inspire a love of reading, thereby opening up literature, the deep Web and the authors of yesterday, today and tomorrow for everyone in our community.
  • We will innovate and experiment with services and approaches that are uniquely aligned with community needs and not necessarily with how a library is perceived.
  • We will focus more on services than buildings.
  • We will activate imagination, intellectual freedom and free access to information with high-quality targeted services.
  • We will connect the communities within our community with discussions specific to Kingston Frontenac.
  • We will be a part of most people’s lives, recognized as a problem-solver, a source for reading, and a key supporter of learning.
  • We will welcome all to an inviting, barrier-free, non-judgmental community with virtual spaces, services and programs that meet all citizens where they are on their road of life-long learning.

Our Values

Collections: We strive to provide a dynamic collection of materials that is regularly evaluated and available in a variety of formats to serve the needs and support the interests of all members of our community.

Quality of Services: We seek to provide exceptional service by providing reliable, responsive, courteous service, from a competent, informed, understanding and responsive staff.

Respect and Dignity: We treat all people with respect. Each individual in our community will receive the best, free library service possible.

Creativity and Innovation: We encourage and support creative approaches and innovative solutions in all aspects of library service. The most appropriate technical innovations will be implemented while maintaining a strong commitment to traditional library services.

Stewardship: We value the ethical, fiscally responsible, sustainable use of public resources. Each employee of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library is a steward of the public trust. All staff exercise prudence when using and/or allocating any library funds or resources. We work with other community partners when possible to best utilize all resources.

Work Environment: We provide a positive work environment that respects each staff member’s unique contributions. Our talented, well trained, knowledgeable staff are a vital part of the cultural, social, business/entrepreneurial and educational life of the community. We offer opportunities for professional growth.

Intellectual Freedom: We support freedom of speech and the right of residents to select the information appropriate for their needs. Open and unrestricted access to information from all library resources will be available in multiple formats to meet the individual needs of all residents of Kingston Frontenac.

Ends Statements

Kingston Frontenac Public Library exists so that both urban and rural residents have access to resources, services, and programming that support personal enrichment, digital equity, information literacy, and meaningful societal participation through effective stewardship of public resources.

1. Residents and visitors find welcoming, inclusive public spaces where they can build a shared sense of community and belonging.

  • People engage in inter-cultural experiences and expand their awareness of social issues. 

2. Library spaces, collections and services are responsive to people’s needs and lived experiences including those persons facing systemic barriers. 

  • Library resources and services are accessible and culturally relevant.
  • Indigenous members in the service area experience decolonized and Indigenized library services.

3. Community members find opportunities that spark imagination and ignite creativity.