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Canticle of Light

by Callista Markotich

Praise all transparent things! Praise

the cellophane glitter of a dragonfly wing,

the raindrop pendant on a rose-petal’s rim, praise

the arc of clear cornea, the rill of the brook,  praise!


Rejoice in translucence! Rejoice

in the shimmer of silk at the window,

the jewelled wash of a stained-glass nave, rejoice

in the dapple of leaves, in the lumen of backlit cloud, rejoice!


Bless the opaque in its drenches of colour! Bless

the rich russet furrows, the furze of red mittens,

the ivory curve of the children’s cheeks, bless

grey bark of the poplars, the emerald of moss, bless!


Give glory to reflective things! Glory 

to quicksilver viaducts into setting moons,

to spectrum-scattering bevels in palm-cupped crystal, glory

to truth-telling mirrors, to luminous eyes,  glory!


Exult in the givers of light! Exult

in candles which gutter in sconces,

fires which flicker in cracked-stone rings,  exult

in star-pricked nights, in the glorious orb

which dances us round and round in magnificent light,

exult, exult!

About this Poem

Callista Markotich has been a teacher, principal and Superintendent of Education in Eastern Ontario. Retired, she lives in Kingston, Ontario. Her poetry appears in editions of Prairie Fire, Riddlefence, The New Quarterly, The Nashwaak Review, Saddlebag Dispatches and Pilgrimage, in a few ezines and anthologies and in Room, where it received Room’s 2019 poetry award.

About the Poetry Blackboard

The Poetry Blackboard showcases poems curated by Kingston's Poet Laureate and written by Kingston poets. There's a new poem every month, written by poets living and dead, historical and contemporary, published and unpublished, adults and children, giving full range to the cultural voice of Kingston. Started in 2015 by Helen Humphreys, the Poetry Blackboard has been continued since 2019 by Jason Heroux.

We wish to thank Helen Humphreys, Kingston's second Poet Laureate, for her generous support of emerging and established poets in Kingston through library programming and our Poetry Blackboard project. Throughout her four years as Poet Laureate, Helen curated a digital collection of poetry to showcase the talents of local creators of all ages, both historic and contemporary. Helen also offered several opportunities for emerging poets to develop their craft, offering group workshops and one-on-one mentorship. Her active engagement with the library and community has been greatly appreciated.

In 2019 we welcomed the incoming Poet Laureate, Jason Heroux, who continues to curate the Poetry Blackboard and to develop new community programming.

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