Become a Library Board Trustee

Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL) is a progressive, innovative, sixteen branch library system with a mission to provide exceptional customer service within the context of a warm and welcoming environment. KFPL enjoys remarkable support from the public and community groups in the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac, making the organization one of the most dynamic public library systems in Ontario.

About the Board

Under the Public Libraries Act, a union public library is established by an agreement between the councils of two or more municipalities to proportionately share the costs for the operation and maintenance of the library. A union public library shall be under the management and control of a union board composed of at least five members appointed by the affected municipalities.

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library was established in 1998 with an agreement between the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac.

The Library Board is the legal authority of the organization with ultimate responsibility and accountability.

Board Governance

The Library Board operates within the framework of the Carver Policy Governance® Model, focussing on the establishment of guiding principles and policies for the organization to fulfil their obligation of accountability. Through the development of processes and structure to guide operations, the Board is able to delegate with clarity to the CEO, remaining focussed on the larger issues and effectively representing the needs of the community.

KFPL Board Composition

The agreement made between the municipalities in 1998 stipulates that the KFPL Board shall consist of eight (8) members appointed by the City of Kingston and three (3) members appointed by the County of Frontenac.

A person is qualified to be appointed as a member of the Board if they:

  • are a member of the appointing council; or,
  • are at least eighteen years old;
  • are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada);
  • are a resident of the City of Kingston or County of Frontenac; and,
  • are not employed by the Board, City of Kingston, County of Frontenac or affected municipalities.

Term of Appointment  

Board members are appointed for a term of four years that runs concurrently with the Council of the appointing municipality.


This is an unpaid volunteer position. Board members will be reimbursed for allowable expenses.


Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, with the exception of July and August. These meetings usually take place at the Central Branch from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Committee of the Whole (COW) Meetings

Committee of the Whole meetings are held three times a year and provide an opportunity for discussion and review of policies and objectives. These meetings usually take place in February, May and October.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Board are occasionally required for time-sensitive discussions and decisions. As much notice as possible will be given.

Agenda Packages

Agenda packages are posted 8 days prior to the meeting. Board members are expected to review all materials and be properly prepared for Board deliberation and decision-making.

Time Commitment

Approximately 3 hours is required to prepare for and attend each meeting. 

Orientation and Training

Mandatory training sessions are held at the start of each Board term to orient new members and to maintain and increase the skills of existing Board members.

Community leaders will be invited to speak to the Board to assist the Board in making informed decisions.

Workshops and training modules will be made available throughout the term to enhance awareness of relevant issues and trends in library service.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Establish guiding principles and strategic direction for the organization:

  • Evaluate the performance of the Library within the community and adjust its goals and objectives where the needs are not being met.
  • Ensure adherence to the Public Libraries Act, its Regulations, and any other legislation affecting the operation of the Library within the community.
  • Keep abreast of standards and library trends; be aware of all legislation affecting libraries and play an active role in initiating and supporting beneficial library legislation.
  • Interact with provincial and national library organizations
  • Create and maintain linkages between the Library Board and ownership.

Work to secure adequate funding to fulfill organizational goals:

  • Measure the impact of existing community programs and provide library resources and services that will enhance community results.
  • Present a budget to the Municipal Councils that reflects the Library’s Strategic Plan and identified community needs.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local municipal councillors and MPPs

Delegation of operational achievement and conduct:

  • Hire and evaluate the ongoing performance of the Library Chief Executive Officer within the goals set by the Board.
  • Support ongoing professional development opportunities for staff and board members.
  • Establish written policies for the delivery of effective library service.

Desirable Qualifications and Relevant Experience

  • Previous experience on volunteer boards or advisory committees
  • Interest in the library, the community and their inter-relationship
  • Readiness to dedicate time and effort to the Board’s goals and purpose
  • Connections and affiliations with the community and appreciation of the diversity of the community served by Kingston Frontenac Public Library
  • Knowledge of the community’s social and economic conditions
  • Aptitude for planning – both long and short range
  • Ability to work with other Board trustees, Library staff and governing officials, and to represent the Library in the community.
  • Previous experience or interest in community engagement and consultation

Diversity and Inclusion

The Library is committed to diversity and inclusion and welcomes applicants from equity seeking groups such as women, racialized/visible minorities, Indigenous/Aboriginal peoples, persons with a disability, persons who identify in the LGBTQ2S+ community and others who reflect the diversity of Canadian society.

Conditions of Appointment

KFPL Board members are required to provide a current CRC (Criminal Record Check), including vulnerable sector as a condition of appointment.

Application Procedures

Candidates interested in serving on the KFPL Board are encouraged to submit an application to their municipality of residence for consideration.

Application forms are also available at municipal offices.

More Information