Become a Library Board Trustee

There is no active recruitment for board positions at this time.

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library exists to offer all people throughout our service area access to broadly based resources in support of personal enrichment, life long learning, and community interaction, in person or in virtual space. These services are provided by expending revenues in a fiscally responsible manner.

Organization of the Board

  • The Kingston Frontenac Public Library Board operates under the authority of the Public Libraries Act, RSO 1990, c.P.44 and the Constitution of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library Board.
  • The Act allows for 11 board members: 8 members to be appointed by the City of Kingston and 3 members to be appointed by the County of Frontenac. The majority of members shall be qualified citizen appointees as specified in the Act, therefore no more than 3 elected officials represent the City of Kingston and no more than 1 elected official represents the County of Frontenac.

Legal Requirements

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada)
  • Must be least eighteen years old
  • Must be a resident of the City of Kingston, or the County of Frontenac
  • May not be employed by the Library Board, nor by the City or County or any of the affected municipalities


  • To November 30, 2022; may be reappointed for one or more further terms of four years.


  • None; allowable expenses only

Time Commitment

  • Prepare for and attend one board meeting per month on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, with the exception of July and August. In addition, to prepare for and attend a Committee of the Whole meeting in the month in February, May and October (meetings will take place on a Wednesday but week may vary).
  • Prepare for and attend special board meetings from time to time, as required.
  • Meetings are usually held at the Central Branch, and at least once per year at one of the other 15 branch libraries
  • Attend outside meetings, conferences and workshops for Trustees (optional)


The Library Board establishes policies and appoints the Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer who administers the Library under the guidance of established board policies, and Trustees must:

  • Develop a Strategic Plan to establish goals and objectives for the Library system
  • Support ongoing professional development opportunities for staff and board members
  • Measure the impact of existing community programs and provide library resources and services that will enhance community results
  • Present a budget to the Municipal Councils that reflects the Library’s Strategic Plan and identified community needs
  • Evaluate the performance of the Library within the community and adjust its goals and objectives where the needs are not being met
  • Hire and evaluate the ongoing performance of the Library’s Chief Executive Officer within the goals set by the Board
  • Ensure adherence to the Public Libraries Act, its Regulations, and any other legislation affecting the operation of the Library within the community
  • Keep abreast of standards and library trends; be aware of all legislation affecting libraries and play an active role in initiating and supporting beneficial library legislation
  • Work to secure adequate funding to fulfill those goals
  • Establish written policies for the delivery of effective library service
  • Establish and maintain relationship with local municipal councillors and MPP’s
  • Interact with provincial and national library organizations
  • Create and maintain linkages between the Library Board and ownership

Desirable Qualifications and Relevant Experience for a Trustee

  • Previous experience on volunteer boards or advisory committees
  • Interest in the Library, the community and their inter-relationship
  • Readiness to dedicate time and effort to the Board’s goals and purpose
  • Connections and affiliations with the community and appreciation of the diversity of the community served by Kingston Frontenac Public Library
  • Knowledge of the community’s social and economic conditions
  • Aptitude for planning - both long and short range
  • Ability to work with other Board trustees, Library staff, and governing officials, and to represent the Library in the community
  • Previous experience or interest in community engagement and consultation

Application Procedures

Applicants from the City of Kingston are required to complete a City of Kingston Committee / Board / Commission Application, available on the City of Kingston website.

Applicants from the County of Frontenac may apply on the Frontenac County website.

Application forms are also available at the County and Township offices.

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