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Reading Buddies for Newcomer Youth

KFPL’s Reading Buddies program exists to nurture the developing ESL literacy skills of newcomer youth through one-one-one reading support and fun literacy activities. The Reading Buddies for Newcomer Youth program will be facilitated online with Zoom from August 9 to 13, 2:30-4pm.

This program requires free registration. Registrants are asked to provide an email address and we will send a link to a series of private Zoom meetings.

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From hands-on workshops to puppet shows, there's something for everyone on the KFPL YouTube channel.

summer sculptures

Registration Now Open

Register once for a three week instructional art program for kids ages 9-12.  This program consists of three step-by-step weekly sessions (sculpt/paint/decorate) hosted over the Zoom format. All materials provided. 

Every Child Ready to Read

Every Child Ready to Read

Before children can learn to read, they must develop a range of early literacy skills. Learning begins the moment they are born, through language and play. Find out about the five simple practices that will help you raise a reader.

A great app for the family is Mango Languages learning courses for kids - Little Pim. Start learning today!


Game Face ON!

Are you a trivia buff, do you know a little about everything, or are you a collector of odd facts? This July take part in weekly tween trivia (ages 9-12) challenges!

A different topic of knowledge will be explored each week (fictional characters/pop culture/beyond the book) and prizes will be awarded to registered participants. All you need is paper, a pencil, and your brain! Registration is required for each individual session to receive a private Zoom link.

scientists in situ

Good Clean Fun

You’ll be astonished when you investigate surface tension; explore the chemistry behind bath bombs; and make an explosion of chemical fun!

A virtual workshop conducted in real time using Microsoft Teams. All materials provided.  Kits will be sent to designated branches (Isabel Turner, Calvin Park) a week prior to the workshop.