Extended Hours

About the Extended Hours Project

The Extended Hours Project provides our community with more access to the library by offering blended service at the Pittsburgh Branch. 

Library staff will continue to support users on-site during staffed hours. Library Users who sign up for Extended Hours can access the library when staff are not on site.  Staff assistance is available remotely. 

How do I sign up?

Extended Hours access is only available to users who pre-register in person at any of our 16 library branches by providing identification and agreeing to the Extended Hours Terms of Use

Extended Hours access is available to individuals who:

  • Hold a Kingston Frontenac Public Library membership in good standing and are 16 years of age and older; or
  • Are 14 or 15 years of age and have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

For full details, read the Extended Hours Patron Guide

Anyone requiring an accommodation for Extended Hours access should contact the Manager, Branches and Collections.

What services are offered?

The Extended Hours Project empowers users to access library resources and services independently while staff are not on site. During Extended Hours, users can:

  • Browse the collection
  • Borrow and return materials 
  • Pick up holds
  • Access public computers and Wi-Fi
  • Copy and print 
  • Use the library space 

Instructions on using these services will be available on the library website and posted in the branch. 

How do I access the branch during Extended Hours?

Patrons are encouraged to request an orientation from a library staff member before their first Extended Hours visit. Users will learn about self-service options and how to enter the branch. You can access the branch during Extended Hours as follows:

  1. Use the keypad at the door to scan your library card and enter your four-digit PIN.
  2. Enter the branch, checking that the door is closed securely behind you.

What happens when the branch closes?

Automated announcements will provide notice of closing times. Visible and audible alerts will be provided at 30, 15, 10, and five minutes before closing and at closing time. Motion detectors will trigger an alarm to summon security or emergency services if people remain in the building beyond closing time. 

What if I need help from library staff?

Library staff will continue to support patrons on-site during the current 38 hours of staffed service per week at the Pittsburgh Branch. 
You can use the dedicated phone to contact staff for assistance. Extended Hours will only be available during open hours at another KFPL location. You can view the Pittsburgh Branch hours on our website to see when staff are available on-site or remotely. 

What safety features are in place?

Several features are in place to help ensure a safe and secure space during Extended Hours, such as video surveillance, clear separation of staff and public areas and the pre-registration process. The phone is pre-programmed with buttons to easily summon emergency services or to get assistance from Library staff.

How can I pick up my partner's reservations as an authorized account user?

Please bring the library card associated with any reservations to the branch when you visit. Another option is to use the Stocard app to store multiple library cards on your device that can be used at the check-out machines.

Where can I get more information about Extended Hours?

You can read more about the Extended Hours project on our About the Project or Frequently Asked Questions page.