Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL).

The library is dedicated to providing an accessible, inclusive, comfortable and welcoming place for all members of the public to meet and interact. Library staff make every effort to apply these rules in a fair, dignified and respectful manner. We ask your cooperation in maintaining a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy while using KFPL facilities, collections and services.

These are some of the conditions for ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone:

  • Please use respectful language and respect the rights of others to work and enjoy the library.  Abusive, coarse, violent, or harassing language or behaviour towards fellow library users or staff will not be tolerated. 
  • Speak and work at a quiet volume. Minimize distracting noises. 
  • Cell phone use is permitted at low volume.  Please set cell phones to vibrate or mute. 
  • Use library materials, computers, equipment and furniture with respect and care and only for their usual and intended purposes. Interfering with the designated use of computers and networks is not permitted. 
  • Please report disruptive behavior to a KFPL staff member immediately. 
  • Obtain authorization before posting materials, taking photographs, filming or recording. Canvassing, soliciting, or unauthorized distribution of material is not permitted in the library. 
  • Loitering or sleeping on library premises is not allowed.  
  • Use authorized entrances and exits only and respectfully keep clear of any areas designated as “Staff Only.” 
  • Enjoy cold food and covered drinks in designated areas of the library. 
  • The use of alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs is not allowed on library premises.  Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not allowed on library premises.  The possession of illegal drug paraphernalia is not allowed on library premises. 
  • Weapons are not permitted on library premises. 
  • Attend to and supervise the children or other individuals in your care. 
  • Wear appropriate attire, including shirts and footwear. 
  • Use your sports equipment off library premises. 
  • Permit inspection by library staff or security of personal bags or cases when leaving the library. 
  • Your guide and/or service animals are welcome in the library.

Anyone who violates KFPL policies and refuses to modify disruptive behaviour on library premises will be asked to leave. Anyone who shows disrespect to other library users or staff members on the phone – or through any other means of communication – may have their library access and privileges suspended.