Internet Policy

KFPL Statement of Policy

Internet Access (Public) Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish the rules of conduct and library responsibilities concerning Internet services.


The Kingston Frontenac Public Library provides computers with internet access and wireless internet connectivity as part of its mission to make a positive difference in the lives of our users as they pursue educational, recreational and life-long learning objectives. 

3.Guiding Principles

The Library will ensure that access to, and use of, the Internet is consistent with the Library Board's adoption of the Statement on Intellectual Freedom of the Ontario Library Association (1998).  In accordance with this principle, the Library does not filter internet content.


Because access to the Internet in public areas is shared by users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities, users are asked to consider this when accessing potentially controversial information or images. 

Children's access to the Internet, as with other library resources, is the responsibility of parents or guardians.  The Library supports the right and responsibility of parents or legal guardians to determine and monitor their children's use of Library materials and resources. Parents are encouraged to supervise their child's Internet sessions and to inform the child if there are resources they do not want the child to access.

The Library is only responsible for the pages pertaining specifically to the Library and is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or availability of any external sites linked to library pages.

The Library does not assume responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from a user’s access to the Internet.

Use of Library services for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes or to access unauthorized areas is prohibited.  Prohibited activities are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights
  • Accessing confidential or protected data without the express authorization of the owner
  • Logging onto a computer system to which you are not authorized
  • Transmission of spam
  • Using library resources to interfere with computer networking or telecommunications services of any other user, host or network.

Availability of the Library network is not guaranteed.

Free wireless Internet access is available at every branch.

The Library's wireless access points are unsecured connections to the Internet. The Library is not responsible for data transmitted or loss of information over the wireless network. Users should be aware that third parties may be able to obtain information about users' activities when using the wireless service to connect to the Internet.  The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions. 

Wireless users are responsible for the protection of their devices from viruses, spyware and spam.

The Library is not responsible for the safety of user’s personal equipment.

Library staff can provide basic instruction on how to connect to the network but are not able to provide in-depth technical assistance.

Users are welcome to charge their devices using designated or publicly available outlets. They may not plug their device into any outlet that has been provided for the Library’s own computers or unplug any library equipment.

In order to protect its network and users, the Library reserves the right to terminate a connection at any time or to withdraw wireless access entirely.

The Library reserves the right to impose user bandwidth restrictions as required and without notice.

Users are expected to comply with this policy and the Patron Code of Conduct.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of Internet use and/or library privileges.

5.Document Control  

Original policy date:             October 2003

Last Reviewed:                     February 2020

Changes made:                   February 2020 (Board motion #2020-11)

Next Review:                        February 2024