Interlibrary Loans Policy

SOLS Funding and KFPL ILLO Service

The Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) is an agency funded by the provincial government to provide a range of services and supports to libraries. Among the services it provides is a courier service to deliver interlibrary loans between library systems in the province. SOLS was informed last week that their budget for this fiscal year has been reduced by just over 50%. As a result of this reduction, they made the difficult decision to end their courier service as of April 26th. All interlibrary loan requests have been suspended effective immediately and we ask patrons to return materials borrowed through interlibrary loan as soon as possible.

SOLS is looking at possible alternatives to the courier delivery service to see how interlibrary loan service might be continued in the province.

Interlibrary Loan service is available to members of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library who hold a valid library card.

ILLO requests are accepted for items that meet the following criteria:

  1. are more than 12 months old. If item is new please Suggest a Purchase.
  2. are not already part of the KFPL collection
  3. are available from a Canadian library
  4. are one of the following formats:
  • Books
  • Books on CD
  • Music CDs
  • Journal articles
  • Microfilm
  • DVDs

The maximum number of active ILLO requests allowed per patron is as follows:

  1. Patrons submitting their own Interlibrary Loan requests, with their own self-serve account, may have 25 active requests at any given time. Please contact a member of staff for details.
  2. Patrons who ask staff to submit Interlibrary Loan requests on their behalf may have 6 active requests at any given time.
  3. Patrons who are requesting academic materials, microfilm or journal articles may have 6 active requests at any given time.

Loan Periods for ILLO items are set by the lending library.  The loan period for most items is 3 weeks.  DVDs may have shorter loan periods.

Interlibrary Loan service is free to all patrons.  Overdue charges apply at the same rate as other KFPL materials, and lost or damaged materials will be charged to the patron at the rate charged by the lending library.


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