Interlibrary Loans Policy

We will process a maximum of three interlibrary loan requests at a time for a given patron. This rule applies even if all three requests are for the same title—e.g., for a book club. You can submit your Interlibrary Loan Request using our online form.

ILLO requests are accepted for the following formats:

  1. books
  2. books on CD
  3. videorecordings
  4. journal articles
  5. microfilm
  6. DVDs

Do not submit ILLO requests for the following formats. Please use the Suggest a Purchase feature instead.

  1. items published within the last twelve months
  2. paperbacks under $20 that can be easily purchased
  3. music CDs

ILLO service is limited to Canadian sources only.

Customs duties, brokerage fees and exchange rates fluctuate so much, and the shipping arrangements for items crossing the border are so variable, that we are not able to handle U.S. or overseas items.

We will search for a Canadian source, but if we are unable to find one, we will not be able to satisfy the patron's request.