Managing Your Account

Signing In

Use your Library Card Number and the PIN you set up when opening your account to sign in. If you have forgotten your PIN, and you have an email address set in your account, just enter your Library Card Number and click the Forgot your PIN? to send an email reminder with your PIN.

If you select Remember me on this computer when you sign in, the system will add a cookie to your web browser. This will allow you to stay logged in, even after you close your browser. Signing out of your account will remove the cookie, and the next time you visit you will have to sign in with your Card and PIN again.


The Loans section of your account lists all of the items you currently have checked out from the library. Basic information about each item, its title, format, and barcode, is displayed to make it easier for you to identify the items that you have checked out.

The Loans list also displays the Loan Date, the day on which the item was originally loaned, its Due Date, and the number of Renewals available for that item (see Loan Periods, Fines & Other Charges for details on loan and renewal limits).

Renewing Items

If an item can be renewed, the Renew button will appear in the list; if an item cannot be renewed, a message will be displayed stating the reason for its non-renewal status (such as being reserved for another borrower or reaching the renewal limit).

Items can be renewed by hitting the Renew button on the individual record, or by selecting several items and hitting the Renew Selected option. You can also renew all eligible items by hitting the Renew All option.

Displaying OverDrive eBook & eAudiobook Loans

If you use OverDrive to borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks, you can now check your loans directly from your KFPL borrower account. Simply hit the OverDrive Loans option in your account. This will then load a list of your current OverDrive eBook or eAudiobook loans, with the expiry date of each of those loans. If eligible, you may also be able to return items if you no longer need them


The Reservations section of your account displays all items you have placed on reserve. Basic information about each item, its title and format, is displayed to make it easier for you to identify the items you have on reserve, and the pickup location you selected when you first made your reservations.

The Reservations list also shows the date on which the item was first Reserved On, the Expiry Date of the reservation, and the approximate Position in Queue (this number may change over time as new items are added and new reservations are placed or fulfilled). When a reserved item becomes available for pick up, the Position in Queue will be updated to show the date at which the item was first made available.

Changing or Cancelling Reservations

If an item is still on the reservation queue, you are still able to change the location you want to pick it up by clicking the Update Pickup Location link and selecting a new branch. You can also change the date on which your reservation expires by clicking Update Expiry Date and entering a new date into the field (the date must be on or after the current day). If you need to cancel a reservation, just hit the Cancel button found beside the Position in Queue number.

Interests (New Item Lists and Notifications)

The best way to keep up-to-date with KFPL’s collection, to learn when new items are added that match your interests, is to use the Interests feature in your account. This feature allows you to specify topics or formats that you are interested in and then track the collection to see when new items that match these topics are added.

Adding Your Interests

There are two ways to use this feature and add your interests:

1. Interest Topics

In the Interests section of your account, you can use the Manage Your Interest options to add or remove topics from our pre-selected lists. These topic are sorted by Format, Subject or Genre, and Age Group and are based on the most popular topic found in our collection. If you can’t find a topic that interests you in this list, you can create custom interests by saving searches (see below)

2. Saved Searches

The other method to add an interest is to use the Save as an Interest option found after you have performed a search of the catalogue. This option is best used for general type searches, such as for a particular Author that you like or a general subject not found in the pre-selected list.

Viewing Your Interest Lists

Once you’ve added a topic to your Interests, you can view a list of the newest items added to the collection that match this topic by clicking on the name of the topic in the Your Interests list. The items in these lists are generated by a background search of the system, performed nightly on the database.

The lists are sorted by the newest item added to oldest items added. It can be limited to only show items added in the last Year, 3 Months, 1 Month or 1 Week by selecting one of these options in the Topics menu. If no items were added in these periods, no items will appear up in topic.

Notification of New Items

To be notified when new items are added to the collection that match your interests, check the Notification option.


Just like a Reading List or a Wish List on other online accounts, the Lists option in your KFPL account allows you to create lists of items in the collection that you may want to remember for later.

Managing Lists

All accounts can automatically create a Personal Savelist which is created when you first add an item to a list. This list cannot be renamed or deleted from your account. However, you can also create custom lists, which you can rename, copy or delete at anytime.

Creating and Naming Lists

Hit the Create a New List option and then add a name for your list. Your new list will automatically appear in the Manage Your Lists section. From this section, you can see how many Titles are currently held in a list.

To rename a list, hit the Rename/Copy link, edit the name, and hit Ok. You can make a copy of the list, creating a new list with all of the same items as in the original, by hitting the Rename/Copy link and select the Create a copy option (you can rename the copy by editing the name) and hitting Ok.

With the Delete option, you can delete any of your custom lists.

Adding, Viewing, Moving & Copying

Adding to a List

You can add items in the catalogue at any time, just hit the Add to a List option found on the record. This will add a record to the Default List that is selected in the Options menu.

Viewing Your Lists

From the Lists section, simply select the title of your list to view. Viewing your list is just like viewing search results, with all the same information about an item’s availability and the options to place it on reserve. You’ll also see an Options menu that provides you with the ability to Copy, Move or Remove specific items from a list.

Copying an Item

To Copy items from one list to another, simply mark the checkbox on the left of each item you want to copy and then hit the Copy selected items option in the Options menu. You can then choose to copy the item to a new list, by entering a list name into the Create a List field, or copying it to an existing list, by leaving the Create a List field blank and choosing a list with the Choose a List menu.

Moving an Item

Moving an item or items to another list is similar to copying an item. You can move an item to a new list, or an existing list, and after the item is copied you will be asked if you want to delete it from the current list. If you select OK, the item will be deleted. If you choose cancel, the item will be moved to the new list and retained on the current list.

Removing an Item

To delete an item from a list, simply select the item by marking the checkbox, then hit the Remove selected items option.

Loan History

The Loan History section of your account displays the title, author and loan date of all your record loans. It also displays the date when the item was last Loaned On.

It may take a few moments for your Loan History to load, depending on how long you’ve been recording your loans.

Recording Loans

For privacy reasons, your loan history does not automatically begin recording when you open an account unless you have specifically requested that option. At any time, you can start or stop the recording of your loan history in the Modify Data section of your account (see the Modifying your Personal Data section below).

Removing items from your Loan History

You can use the Remove Selected option to remove selected items from your loan history. Just check an item from the list, or hit the Select All option to select all of the displayed items, and then the Remove Selected option.


Payments History

If you have a history of payments at the library, for overdue fines or other costs, these will be displayed in this section.

Payments Due

Any current payments due will be displayed in the My Account menu highlighted in red. More details about your current payments are found in the Payment Due section.

Details (Personal Data)

Your name and contact information are displayed in the Details section. This is the official information that is saved on your account. You can also view the Membership expiry date of your account. If you need to update your name or address, or renew your account, you will need to visit your local branch with proof of identity (see more about this on our Getting a Library Card page).

Update Contact Details

Click on the Update Contact Details link to edit some of your personal data. Here you can update your Email and Phone number if that information changes before your membership expires.

Change Alias

Your Alias is the nickname that will be displayed when you make a review or comment on an item in the KFPL catalogue. You can update your alias at any time.

Loan History

Activating or deactivating the Loan History switch you can also turn on and off the recording of your Loan History.

Change PIN

To change your PIN, simply enter your Old PIN and your New PIN (twice). Select OK and your PIN will be automatically updated.