Strategic Plans, Annual Reports and Community Reports

KFPL Library Facilities Plan – 2022

Summary: Recognizing the role of the modern library, this Library Facilities Plan (LFP) renews the long-term vision for how Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL) transforms its built space over the next 20 years based on the evolution of the County of Frontenac, the City of Kingston and the four Townships. The LFP specifically examines the need for new library space and potential improvements to existing libraries.

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KFPL Strategic Plan 2013 - 2020

Summary: In 2013 the Library Board and staff initiated a strategic planning process to identify the future of our Library and to describe our priorities for service improvement and expansion. In today’s increasingly digital and complex environment it is more imperative than ever for the Public Library to pause, examine the changes occurring in the community, technology and publishing, and plan how we will successfully navigate those changes to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Kingston Frontenac. This is what the Library in Kingston Frontenac has been doing for more than one-hundred years: positively changing lives by transforming information into inspiration for people’s imaginations.

We talked to community stakeholders and residents, both users and non-users of the Library. We compiled information to understand changes in our community and researched factors affecting public libraries in North America. Using this information to inform and challenge our thinking, we developed a strategy for the future. It is a future that embraces change predicated on new technologies, evolving communities and shifting values and lifestyles – all with significant implications for public libraries as we endeavour to educate, inform and engage residents.

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KFPL Branch Services Master Plan Building our Future - 2010

Summary: Kingston Frontenac Public Library is a cornerstone of lifelong learning, skills development and opportunity in today’s knowledge-based economy. In an increasingly complex world, information and knowledge have become the new currency. KFPL provides access to information which empowers citizens to function more effectively. The Library plays an important role in ensuring that our users have access to up-to-date technology, the Internet, and digital resources so crucial to their full participation in social, economic, and community life.

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KFPL Branch Services Review - August 2004

Summary: The Library Branch Services Review recommends a new facility model for the Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL) that describes the types of libraries that will be required to meet the needs and expectations of current and future library users.

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Community Consultation Survey - 2010

Summary: During the latter part of July through August 2010, a sample of 483 respondents from the service area of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library was surveyed to probe general views about their expectations and needs for library services. They were asked a series of questions about library usage, access to services, the appeal of various purposes for using their local library, the impact of technology, barriers to use, and satisfaction with customer service standards. Extensive “other comments” were volunteered by respondents and are also presented in this report.

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Financial Statements

Past Statements

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Salary Disclosure: Non-Union and Management Salary Ranges as of January 1, 2023

Position Salary Range
Administrative Assistant $59,660 - $71,417
Budget/HR Analyst $79,625 - $92,565
Manager, Facilities
Manager, Branches and Collections
Manager, Programming and Outreach
$89,671 - $101,010
Director, Human Resources $107,507 - $128,037
Director, Facilities and Technology
Director, Service Design and Delivery
$116,498 - $139,558
Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer $132,551 - $180,963