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KFPL Library Facilities Plan – 2022

Summary: Recognizing the role of the modern library, this Library Facilities Plan (LFP) renews the long-term vision for how Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL) transforms its built space over the next 20 years based on the evolution of the County of Frontenac, the City of Kingston and the four Townships. The LFP specifically examines the need for new library space and potential improvements to existing libraries.

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KFPL Strategic Plan 2023

Summary: The Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL), like other public libraries across the province, represents and offers so much to our communities—space, opportunity, connection, access, inspiration, engagement, knowledge, and the list goes on.

A public library is, in many ways, asked to be all things to all people. This breadth of purpose makes defining it so important—it allows the Library to prioritize its efforts and resources. This was our context when embarking on a critically important three to five-year strategic planning cycle.

Our previous plan, Vision 2020, ended as the pandemic hit, and we have spent the past three years focused on the now, adapting our services to meet ever-changing conditions.

As communities in Kingston and Frontenac County shift to pandemic recovery, we look to the future. Needs have changed, and the Library must evolve to meet them.

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Financial Statements

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Salary Disclosure: Non-Union and Management Salary Ranges as of April 1, 2023

Position Salary Range
Administrative Assistant $60,096 - $71,945
Budget/HR Analyst $80,207 - $93,239
Manager, Facilities
Manager, Branches and Collections
Manager, Programming and Outreach
$90,345 - $101,756
Director, Human Resources $108,290 - $128,965
Director, Facilities and Technology
Director, Service Design and Delivery
$117,354 - $140,577
Chief Librarian/Chief Executive Officer $133,533 - $182,291