3D Printing Policy


To offer 3D printing to the public on a for fee basis.


Library membership is required.

Print jobs are submitted to and reviewed by KFPL. All submitted jobs will be reviewed to provide a cost estimate and to confirm print functionality.

The 3D printer may print in a public area and may have an Internet-enabled camera that captures images of the items being printed. Still images and/or video of the printing process may be posted on a public website. Information about the individual ordering the print job will not be disclosed.

Pricing is based on an administrative fee, the cost of materials and print duration and is subject to change. 

Print jobs are limited to a maximum of 9 hours.

Printed pieces are presented as is, with no cleaning of raft or scaffold. 

Printed items may be picked up at any branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

KFPL reserves the right to decline any print job, subject to library policies.

Original policy date: December 2014