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What is Kanopy?

Kanopy is a streaming video service you can access at home with your KFPL membership. It focuses on critically acclaimed movies, documentaries, independent films, classic cinema, foreign films and more. You can enjoy the collection on your TV, mobile phone, tablet, or online. 

Kanopy Plus Packs

New in 2024: British Cinema and Kanopy Favourites

Use your KFPL card to enjoy curated British Cinema titles along with Kanopy's most popular crowd-pleasers, critical favourites and acclaimed actors, with no monthly viewing limits.

Get Started with Kanopy

Signing up for Kanopy

To access Kanopy, you will need to create an account using your KFPL Library Card Number and PIN.

  1. Go to and click "Find Your Library" under the public library section.
  2. Type your library name and select it from the list, or search for a library near you using your city name or zip code.
  3. Enter your library card number and your PIN, and click Continue. If you have trouble adding your library card, you can review common errors when adding your library card information to your account on the Kanopy Help website.
  4. Complete the signup process by creating your Kanopy account. You can create your account using your Google or Facebook login or directly on Kanopy using your email address and password. Your password must be at least six characters long.
  5. After creating your account, you'll receive a verification email in your inbox. Click on the link in this email to verify your email address. You're ready to start watching! Click on Watch Now on the welcome screen to start browsing.

Watching Kanopy

You can access Kanopy through a variety of apps and devices, from your smartphone to directly on your TV.

Starting April 15, 2024, Libby and Kanopy will only support Android OS version 7.1.1 and above. If your device runs on an older version, you must update your operating system or switch to a supported device to keep using OverDrive services.

Find out more about watching Kanopy on your favourite device on the Mobile & TV Apps page of the Kanopy Help website.

Ticket System

You will receive nine Kanopy tickets a month and can borrow various titles depending on how many tickets each is worth. Every title is labelled with a ticket value and viewing window (the time you have to watch the title before it expires). Learn more about tickets here.

Films will require two tickets per play or four tickets per play for major studio productions. Shorts, which are single titles with a run time of 30 minutes or less, will require one ticket per play. Episodic content, like TV shows, will have variable ticketing and viewing windows dependent on total run time.

Kanopy Kids titles will not require any tickets to access.

The Great Courses will now be included in the ticket system. Most of this content will require five tickets per course with a viewing period of up to 21 days. 

If you are interested in watching several of the Great Courses, hoopla's BingePass may suit your needs — use one hoopla borrowing credit for unlimited access to hoopla's Great Courses Library collection for seven days.

Technical Help

For more information and technical help, you can consult the Kanopy Help website.