Loan Periods, Fees and Other Charges

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library provides a number of different kinds of materials, from books to DVDs, for your use and enjoyment. Each of these materials has its own rule on how many you are allowed to borrow at one time, the period of time for which the items can be borrowed, and the fees involved should any items get damanged or do missing.

KFPL is no longer charging overdue fines! More information about our fine-free initiative is available here.

You may borrow up to a maximum of 75 items.

Kind of Library Item Limits on Amount Borrowed Loan Period
2-Week Express Titles   2 weeks
Adult Books   3 weeks
Audiobooks   3 weeks
Book Club Sets 3 sets 6 weeks
Chromebooks   1 week
CDs   3 weeks
C-Pens   3 weeks
DVDs   1 week
eBooks & Audiobooks 10 at one time 14 days
Junior Fiction   3 weeks
Junior Non-Fiction   3 weeks
Magazines   1 week
Museum/Park Passes   1 week
Video Games 5 at one time 1 week
Wi-Fi Hotspots 1 at a time 1 week

Replacement Costs

A $10.00 processing fee is included in the replacement cost. If you pay for a lost item which is then found and returned to the library within one year, we will refund your payment minus the $10.00 fee.

The library does not accept donated books in lieu of payment for lost or damaged books.

Adult Materials Adult Mass Market Paperbacks $10.00
Adult Non-fiction $45.00
Adult Fiction $35.00
Reference $75.00
Audio Material Audiobooks $45.00
CDs $35.00
Cases $5.00
Children's Materials Fiction / Non-fiction $30.00
Board Books $15.00
Mass Market Paperbacks $10.00
CD / Books $30.00
Computers & Hotspots Lending Laptop $500.00
Wi-Fi Hotspots $200.00
DVDs Nonfiction $45.00
Fiction, Multilingual, NFB $35.00
Cases $2.00
Interlibrary Loans All lost/damaged materials:
Replacement costs determined by the lending library
Miscellaneous Barcodes & Security Tags $2.00
C-Pens $330.00
Museum/Park Passes $45.00
Periodicals Magazines $10.00
Vertical File $10.00
Video Games Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox One $50.00
Cases $5.00

Other Costs & Charges

Item Cost
Non-Sufficient Fund Cheques $36
Black & White Printing & Photocopies $0.25 per page
Colour Printing $0.50 per page
Microfilm Printout $0.25 per page
Blank USB Drive $8.00