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Celebrate Science Literacy Week

Queens Connections will be co-hosting two special events at the Calvin Park Branch. Grades 2-4 can register to explore the different seasons by creating a scene in the virtual reality platform, CoSpaces. Grades 4-6 can register to learn how to code their own micro:bit program to help solve current climate concerns!   Rather pick up a take-home kit?  Register for a Sticky Science activity kit, and follow along the online workshop! 

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From hands-on workshops to puppet shows, there's something for everyone on the KFPL YouTube channel.

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Registration Opens September 4

Starting Saturday, September 4, patrons can register for our children's fall programs. To suit your needs, we're offering a hybrid of indoor, outdoor and virtual (livestream) programs. 

Registration for Stories in the Park and Stories in the Square all open at 8 a.m. the morning of the program. 

Due to COVID safety measures, patrons must register all individuals attending the program, including babies.

We look forward to seeing you this fall! 

Every Child Ready to Read

Every Child Ready to Read

A Project of the American Library Association
adopted by the Kingston Frontenac Public Library in 2010

Before children can learn to read, they must develop a range of early literacy skills. Learning begins the moment they are born, through language and play. By weaving five simple practices into your daily routine, you will not only prepare your child for reading later on, but you’ll enjoy hours of fun together too!

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library is proud to partner with our communities’ parents and caregivers to help raise young readers by providing free access to thousands of books and music recordings. As well, all of our programs for young children focus on developing pre-literacy skills, and use the five simple practices outlined here.

The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL) has created an infographic, What Happens During Storytime at the Public Library, that summarizes the information found in its report, “Preschool Early Literacy Programs in Ontario Public Libraries”.


Children learn about language by listening to their parents talk and joining the conversation. Use new words, give your full attention to what they are saying, and ask questions to keep them talking!


Songs help children learn to listen, discover rhythm and rhyme, and slows down language so that they can hear different parts of words.


Reading together is the single most important activity you can do to help them get ready to read! They will learn how books and written language work, and they’ll increase their vocabulary. Deepen the experience by asking questions and involving them in telling the story.


Reading and writing go together! Once your child can grasp a thick crayon or marker, give him or her unlined paper and plenty of opportunities to draw and write.


Play is how children explore their world! It builds their imagination, their self-confidence, and their language skills. Playing to get every child ready to read; books with movement, props or puppets.

A great app for the family is Mango Languages learning courses for kids - Little Pim. Start learning today!

Book covers for Pride Puppy, Return to Roar, Diner Dogs, and Pea, Bee and Jay Lift Off. The CloudLibrary logo is beside those images.

Go Digital!

Looking for that just-right eBook or eAudiobook for your child? Try searching cloudLibrary's digital shelves for a variety of interests, subjects, and reading levels.
Whether it is an ebook or a print book, remember to engage and talk about the story together.  Interaction is the way young children learn!  Talk about the story, encourage your child(ren) to point to pictures, and ask open-ended questions to create a rich, interactive learning experience. 

stories in the park

Outdoor Saturday Storytime Continues!

Dress for the weather and join us outdoors for socially distanced stories, songs and fun at the Lions Civic Gardens (beside the Isabel Turner Branch).

From September 4 though October 30, registration for Saturday Stories in the Park will open at 8 a.m. the morning of the program. 

Due to COVID safety measures, patrons must register all individuals attending the program, including babies.