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My love of storytelling began in grade 1 when I was asked to read Curious George aloud to a grade 3 class, from that moment on I knew reading would be a big part of my life. Many, many years later I continue to read stories to children in the hopes that something I share will make an impact on future readers.

My Interests

An eclectic list of both fiction, and non-fiction for all ages: Favourites include adult fiction mystery/suspense, historical, and romance genres, better yet if it includes all three (Outlander series as a prime example). Adult non-fiction books in the areas of house and home, gardening, cookbooks, crafting, photography, health and wellness, and DIY projects. YA reads most typically in the areas of historical, and dystopian genres. Junior books both fiction, and non-fiction for all ages and grades, with particular interests in middle grade fiction, picture books, and folk/fairy tales.

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