Getting a Library Card

Library cards are free to anyone living or studying in the city of Kingston or the townships of Frontenac.

Temporary residents who will be in the area for at least two months, local business and property owners, and individuals who work for the City, County, and Townships are also eligible for free memberships.

Other individuals may purchase a Subscription membership.

Businesses and institutions may apply for a Corporate membership.

We offer three types of cards to meet a variety of needs.


Register online. Your Connect card provides immediate access to our digital collections and allows you to book Internet access in KFPL branches, register for library programs, and make Create Space appointments.

Your Connect card will be valid for 30 days. Visit any of our 16 branches to update your account and receive a Discover or Explore card.


If you have limited identification, don't have a permanent address, or will be living in our area temporarily (two months or longer), you are eligible for a Discover card.

Your Discover card provides full access to KFPL's digital collections, Internet access in our branches, library programs and the Create Space. Additionally, you may borrow three items at a time, excluding specialty items.

Your Discover card will be valid for one year.


If you live, attend school or own a business or property in Kingston Frontenac and can provide identification and proof of address, you are eligible for an Explore card.

Your Explore card provides full access to our digital collections, Internet access in our branches, library programs and the Create Space, and unlimited borrowing privileges.

Your Explore card will be valid for two years.

What Do I Need To Get a Library Card?

Please bring identification that shows your name and address , such as a Driver's License or Ontario Photo Card. We accept a variety of documents for identification.

Youth under the age of 14 will need to bring a parent/guardian with identification or a completed Application for Library Card form. 

Using Your Card

You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card. 

If your library card is lost or stolen, please contact us so that we can prevent others from using it.

Out-of-Area Memberships

If you live outside of the city of Kingston or the townships of South Frontenac, Central Frontenac, North Frontenac or Frontenac Islands, you may choose:

  • a one-year membership ($52);

  • a 6-month membership ($26);

  • a 3-month membership ($13)

An adult membership entitles you to free library cards for your children under 14 years of age.

Corporate Membership

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library offers a corporate membership to Kingston and Frontenac County Area businesses, organizations or institutions. If you would like to apply for a membership, submit a completed Corporate Membership form to your local branch.