1. Purpose

The purpose of the policy is to define the conditions under which a sponsorship may be approved by the Library Board.

2. Scope

3. Definitions (if applicable)

Sponsorship:  A mutually beneficial business exchange between the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and an external organization (hereinafter the sponsor) whereby the sponsor contributes funds, products or in-kind services to the Library in return for recognition, acknowledgement or other promotional considerations.

4. Guiding Principles

The Kingston Frontenac Public Library acknowledges the importance of sponsorships to provide enhancements to the existing programs and services available at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. This support ensures that the Kingston Frontenac Public Library remains a vital resource in support of personal enrichment, life long learning, and community interaction.

Sponsorships involve an association between the sponsor and the Library and/or the specific programme, event, services or activity being sponsored. A sponsorship is a contracted arrangement between the Library and the sponsor, designed to benefit both parties. It is not a philanthropic gift.

5. Policy

The Library holds itself to a high standard of ethical conduct, both within its own Board and staff and in all of its external relationships and interactions.

  1. Kingston Frontenac Public Library may elect to decline any sponsorship. The final decision to decline a sponsorship rests with the Board.
  2. The Kingston Frontenac Public Library values and will protect its integrity, autonomy and intellectual freedom, and will not agree to sponsorships when a condition of such agreement would compromise its fundamental principles.
  3. The Board reserves the right to determine the type of recognition for sponsors. Acceptance of any sponsorship which involves a proposal to name is conditional upon final approval of the naming by the Board. The Library will not allow corporate names and/or logos to have prominence over the Kingston Frontenac Public Library name and/or logo.
  4. The sponsor must be a bona fide commercial organization, preferably with links in the community.
  5. The Board will take into consideration the anticipated community impact of the sponsorship, particularly when the sponsor’s products or public image may be deemed sensitive.
  6. The sponsorship shall not imply endorsement of the company or its products and services and should prohibit sponsors from making statements which suggest a sponsor’s products and services are endorsed by the Kingston Frontenac Public Library or Municipalities. The sponsorship must not result in or be perceived as giving any preferential treatment outside the sponsorship agreement.
  7. Sponsorships will not be accepted from any sponsor that in any manner portray, promote or condone stereotyping of any group or discrimination as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  8. The sponsorship agreement will be in the form of a letter (for sponsorships under $25,000 that do not include any naming rights) or a contract (for those over $25,000 and/or those involving naming rights). The sponsor must agree to acknowledge the mission of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, and have no conflict of interest. The sponsorship agreement will include the following:
    • The sponsor must acknowledge that Library policy, planning, collections and presentations rest solely with the Library
    • What the sponsor is contributing and what the value of the contribution represents
    • The obligations of both the sponsor and the Library Board
    • The dispositions and ownership of any assets resulting from the sponsorship
    • Responsibility for the maintenance, insurance and taxes of all assets associated with or resulting from the sponsorship
    • The duration of the sponsorship
    • The licensing and use of the Library’s and the Sponsor’s name, trade and service marks and other intellectual property, and any payment for such licensing and use
    • Where a sponsorship agreement limits the Library’s ability to enter into other sponsorships, the parameters of such an agreement shall clearly define the nature and extent of the exclusivity and the period over which the exclusivity is to be granted
    • A cancellation provision and the remedies available to both parties upon cancellation
  9. All programs, solicitation plans and activities are subject to Board approval.
  10. Official receipts for income tax purposes are not issued for sponsorships, purchases, or other transactions listed in the Canada Revenue Agency’s Bulletin IT-110R3. These transactions may be acknowledged through issue of a receipt.
  11. The Kingston Frontenac Public Library is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors and prospective donors. The Library shall maintain donor records, the contents of which shall remain confidential unless the donor agrees otherwise.

6. Appendices

7. Authorities

8.Document Control    

Original Policy Date: 2008 April

Last Reviewed:  November 2019

Next Review: November 2022