KFPL Website and Catalogue

Website & Catalogue Updates

This morning, we updated the KFPL website and catalogue. A few of these updates, like changing to a slightly thicker font, will hopefully make the site more reader friendly. Other changes, like the updates to catalogue, might be more noticeable.

With the last website update, we received a lot of feedback from our patrons about what you'd like to see in the catalogue. All of these changes, like being able to see more than 10 items on a page at once, are intended to improve your online experience with KFPL, make it easier to find the lastest releases or manage your account.

We're always looking for more ways to improve the website and catalogue, so if you have any suggestions or comments, or see anything looking strange or missing, please contact us

Finding the Newest Items in KFPL's Catalogue

Our website has several new search features, including a redesigned Advanced Search that provides more precise tools to narrow down your search results. But what if you just want to browse the newest items, those books or movies most recently added to our collection? Well, now you can! Just follow the view more new additions link, found on our Recent additions to this collection display, and start browsing all the newest items by popular formats, recommended age groups, and subjects or genres.

Looking for Programs and Events on the New Website?

With the new website, you might not be aware of all the ways you can stay up to date with all of the Programs and Events happening at KFPL. Along with the downloadable PDF of our monthly "What's Happening" flyer, and "Today's Programs and Events" listed on the front page of the site, we've added a new Programs and Events page. This page lets you view a simple list all of our upcoming programs, which you can filter by date, location, type of program, age range, or even just by the name of the program. You can also switch to the full calendar view to see all of the great programs happening every month at KFPL.