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Programs, Events, Services and Recommendations for Teens + Teen Book of the Week

Summer Reading Challenge for Teens, New Adults, and Adults

Our Teen Summer Reading Challenge Is Back!

KFPL's popular Summer Reading Challenges for Teens will launch on July 1 . . . but there might just be some teaser content posted before that! Register now for this exciting online program, which encourages players to explore literature, library resources, and the community. Complete challenges for chances to win weekly book prizes and great gift cards, or participate in our newly developed "Online Book Club" for additional fun.

Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines

With KFPL's Digital Magazine collection, you can access a variety of popular magazines on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Teen Advisory Group

Teen Advisory Group and Teen Review Board

High school students can participate in the Teen Advisory Groups, the Teen Review Board and other volunteer opportunities.

What to Expect in Post-Secondary

Everything You Wanted to Know About Post-Secondary... But Were Afraid to Ask

Senior high school students and their parents are invited to a candid and casual informational event where former KFPL teen volunteers will discuss their college and university experiences. They will answer questions about dorm life, budgeting, time management, study tips, and their struggles and successes as they navigated post-secondary life. Please register students and parents individually.

Cake it 'til You Make It

Cake it 'til You Make It

Attention teen bakers and sweet tooths! Do you dream of chocolate ganache, vanilla frosting, and candy sprinkles. Then join us for a cake decorating contest organized by the Calvin Park, Pittsburgh, and Rideau Heights Teen Advisory Groups! Register now!